Monday, May 26, 2014

Pretending, Naughtiness, and Lots of Messes

The munchkins have been determined the last two week that I will do nothing but clean.
The first week it was mostly just messes - you know, toys, blankets, books, and stuffed animals everywhere while I tried to coax the baby-with-a-cold to eat and sleep.
Last week (or the week before? has it been three weeks? its all blurred together *eyeroll*) it was 'dirty' stuff - you know, 5.5 cups of milk spilled and/or dumped (and in one case, dribbled quite deliberately all over someone's room "In a weally pwetty wainbow pattern Mommy!"), one cup of milk that had rolled under a van seat, solidified, then dribbled out on the mat, a busted lip that bled all over the couch, my clothes, his clothes, and a hot pack, a baby who took advantage of an older sibling's middle-of-a-diaper-change-meltdown to relieve herself in both ways on the living room floor, etc. You get the point. But, "This too shall  pass," and indeed, it has passed.

In the meantime, the kids said some cute stuff, played together wonderfully for hours on end, prayed for each other, and other various things that kept me sane. So here's a random tidbit from each of them.

Cadence has been playing with craft bells, ringing them in the air, prancing around with them and such. The other day she told me she was a child with poor parents, and they earned their living by giving bells to people with no bells and insisting that they pay for them.

Both our kids can quote Tikki Tikki Tembo now, and one day while we were reading Cadence said, "She should call both her kids "Precious Pearl" so Chang doesn't get jealous. That's not fair that she call's him "Tiresome Child."  That hurts his feelings!"

James' imagination has been on overdrive recently. Mostly this is really funny, although sometimes frustrating - like when I go to get him in the morning, and he starts crying because I forget to call Daddy Gorilla.

The other day he can running into the living room, threw himself on the floor in a huddled ball -
"I'm frightened!"
"I'm scared of the tigers!"
"What tigers?"
 "I'm a tiger!!! ROAR!!!!"
Then he ran over and attacked me. 

ReC meanwhile has devoloped a delight in naughtiness. She'll crawl over to the stereo, yell "No! No!" and giggle hysterically.  Anytime she sees the kids with something she isn't allowed to have, she crawls as fast she can to snatch it away. She loves grabbing people's cups, papers, books, phones, glasses, etc. And if a door opens that she is not usually allowed to go through, she takes off as fast as she can for it.

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