Monday, June 16, 2014

Random Update (Pictures for Gramma!)

Aren't they cute? Well... I think so :) 

I was updating the kids' journals today, and thought I'd share snippets again, with pictures, since I finally got ReC in a picture frame on the playroom wall. Only ten months later *eyeroll*. 

Drama king has his own imaginary friend now. His name is Jojie. Jojie can swing all by himself, and eats very fast. 
Here's what I put in his journal from last week:

Boogers… Oh the boogers… I was holding you for snuggles at naptime the other day, and attempting to ignore you while you picked boogers. It went something like this. (In a singsong voice) "Pickin' my boogers… pickin' my boogers… Oooo, a booger. I got a booooogeeerrr… I'm going to eat it. Ulmp! I ate my booger…."
"That booger was yummy 'licious!"

This girl is so sweet. And sometimes maybe a little too helpful. I was playing the "let's pretend your food is an airplane landing in the hanger" game to try to get James to eat his food. She pipes up -
"Hey, it's steak... so you should just play, 'Open the cattle shed to let the cow in!'"

Hulk Smash Baby has learned to take steps on her own now... which means she can stand up and tackle James, knocking him completely to the floor, where they roll around laughing hysterically. 

They all smiled - at. the. same. time. on. the. first. try. I know. Don't fall over. 

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