Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pretend Homeschool Kindergarten {Curriculum Plan}

Last year was a fun and interesting year for us. We knew Cadence was academically ready for Kindergarten, but definitely not emotionally ready, especially with a new sibling coming right as the school year started. We couldn't just do nothing - Cadence craves mental stimulation, and goes haywire and gets all.... *ahem* "difficult" if she's not challenged on a regular basis. So I made a plan to do an unofficial sort of Kindergarten here at home. I would offer her school every day that I could, and let it go when I couldn't. She definitely did a lot better behavior wise on the days we did school! I think I should have actually made it a higher priority than I did, but hindsight's 20/20!
Since we planned all along to put her in public school Kindergarten this fall, I tried to deliberately focus away from traditional kindergarten skills like reading and math. Instead I offered materials, activities, and books on things that don't get as much attention in elementary school - Bible, science, art, music, politics, random history and geography tidbits, lots and lots of read-a-louds...

So, are you ready for my really complicated plan? Here goes ;)

Lots of random things printed from Pinterest based on Cadence's interests

States with maps, stickers, and books
Reading maps
Familiarity with globes

Bob books
Sight words (my choice of a few limited words)

3D Shapes

Writing name without help

Variety of nonfiction books
Occasional hands on activity or worksheet to go along

Patriotism / Citizenship

Bible verses, songs, character traits

Piano lessons and listening to classical music

Lots and lots of chapter books

Painting, drawing, sewing, and crafts readily available

And that's it. That's what we did this year. Now, there was a lot she learned in spite of me deciding not to push - she's reading some now, and does basic math without help, and learned the days of the week, and how to swing herself, and take herself to the bathroom, and bake cornbread. But what was important to her was that I was always ready with stuff for her to work on and learn. She tells everyone that she's homeschooled for preschool, but she's going to kindergarten at public school. Works for me!

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