Friday, December 5, 2014

God is in the Interruptions

One of our favorite comedians, Mark Lowry, once quoted a friend as saying, 'God is in the interruptions.' And it is so true. We go along with lives, our routines, our plans, and God is there.

But then there is an Interruption. Something outside our plan happens, and we say, "Not my plan Lord, but Your will."

And God is THERE.

In that test, in that blessing, in that moment, in that month, He is THERE. That is when we fall on Him, draw close to Him, see His work so plainly, in that time when His will interrupts our plan.

And we grow, and we struggle, and trust, and we battle doubt, and God proves over and over again, He is THERE. In our hearts, in our lives, in our interruption.

And then the interruption is part of our past, and it seems like it's always been there. And we press the battle on with renewed vigor, with a closeness to God that never could have come from the mundane, with a love for Him strengthened by His unfailing love for us, heartened by the way He was THERE - in the interruption.

Sometimes, the interruption becomes the plan , the new path to follow. And still, God is there. Proving He is trustworthy. Proving His will is even better than our plan.

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