Monday, December 8, 2014

The Last Two Weeks Compared to Today

Two weeks ago Monday we dropped Cadence off at school, the littles off with Nana, and I went to the dentist. I picked up the littles, picked up lunch, picked up Cadence, and we ate on the way to Broken Arrow to see Mommy. We stayed the night there - on the way home at noon Tuesday we got a call asking if we could take a 2 week old girl for a week or two. We got home, got some things ready, and welcomed baby K right after Tony got home.
Wednesday began Thanksgiving break, and had a short visit with K's parents, Thursday was thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's, Friday was decorating at Mom and Dad's. Saturday we stayed home, Sunday was church. Sunday night Cadence woke up running fever and throwing up, which lasted until Tuesday.
Monday morning we woke up before the sun and took J to have surgery on both eyes, and I caught cold. While we waited for the anesthesia to wear off completely we put up some Christmas decorations. Tuesday we started daily visits with K's parents. Since Cadence was still sick Nana kindly kept her and J while ReC and I went. Wednesday I took Cadence to school (a few minutes late), and took ReC and J for K's parent visit. By the time we got home my cold had beaten me up, so a neighbor friend who has a kid in Cadences class brought her home. Then Lowes delivered our new dishwasher, minus a few key parts - so we pulled out the old dishwasher, which required turning off the hot water in the kitchen and unplugging the garbage disposal, and did not have time to fix it until Friday. Thursday was another parent visit, Friday was a parent visit followed by a mad dash to get home, put ReC down for a nap, pack K's diaper bag and start gathering the rest of her things so she could be released to her parents that afternoon, greet the social worker who came to take K to the doctor, put out lunch, wake ReC up, pick up Cadence, finish packing K's things while the kids ate lunch, then drive to Norman to deliver K's things and let the kids say goodbye to her and her parents. Then we let out the breath we'd been holding all morning and headed home for a nap.Ton picked up parts before he came home, and spent the evening putting the garbage disposal, hot water, and dishwasher back in order.  Saturday was Dad's 60th birthday party, then Sunday church all day of course.

All this to say...

Today was downright leisurely, and the children and I have been reveling in it!

We woke up with plenty of time to snuggle and read Bible stories in bed before breakfast. When everyone was ready to go we still had time for morning worship, then the big kids pretended to be practicing for the Christmas program. After we dropped Cadence off for school J and ReC played out front in the leaves, whacking the tree with sticks and throwing Sycamore tree seed balls. Then J went out back to play while ReC played in the playroom. Next came preschool - a video clip about a first trip to the dentist, then leaning back in the recliner playing dentist, then choosing from the preschool basket and playing with our binder and cookie sheet activities while we ate a snack. Now I am rocking ReC while J plays firetrucks. And we still have half an hour before we go pick up Cadence!

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