Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Art

We had a nice, laid-back Memorial Day. The only downside was the walk of shame as I tried to nonchalantly slink back into house with no one seeing after I absentmindedly checked the mail. James and Cadence were touched to learn the meaning of the holiday, and wanted to do some painting in memory. 

James - A forest. He's all about the Revolutionary war, and said the American soldiers are blending in to the forest waiting for the British to walk by. 

ReC - Untitled.

Cadence - George Washington Without His Wig. She also really likes the Revolutionary war. Cadence was asking what color clothing soldiers wore, so we talked about parade dress and camoflauge, then I found out she really wanted to know what colonial soldiers wore. We had a fun discussion about how uniforms have changed since then, and how not having bright uniforms really helped Washington's army. She and James thought it was hilarious that the British wore bright red. 

Tony - Arlington. The kids had never heard of this, so Tony had them try to guess what he was drawing. When he was almost done Cadence finally figured out it was a cemetary, and was very sad to realize how many men and women have died - and are still dying - in war. I think it really helped make war less glamorous in their minds to see. 

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