Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Concerning the verbose nature of my speech, blog posts, emails, writings, and other forms of communication, in which I explain I come by this trait...

I am a very verbose person. I use way too many words, and take forever to explain a concept that could technically be explained in just a fraction of the time it takes me to detail it.

I've noticed this with my blog posts. Most people - they post a couple sentences, maybe a paragraph or two. Me? An entire essay on every topic. As Tony pointed out, even my profile is long-winded!

This trait comes to me naturally though. Papa was extremely verbose. He could make one joke (the most famous was Falling Rock) last all the way to Branson, a four hour drive.

Part of it is thanks to my OCD. I think it's important for people to know every little thought behind every little phrase. So I tell you something, tell you why I said it, tell you the background behind why I said it, tell you all research and updates and what everyone else is saying it, and then, because by then you've forgotten the original message, I tell you again. (Just like with this post!)

A succinct person would have just put the title "I am succinct" and had a blank post. But not me! I am very verbose!

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