Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've Lost It

You know, the little thingy ma-jig-er that goes on top of the tripod? That connects it to the camcorder? That without it you can't use the tripod?

I put it in a safe place. You would think I would put it in a "logical" place, but no, I wanted a safe place.

I once lost the camera for two months by putting it in a "safe" place.

I'll let you know if I ever find it.

On a completely different note:

1. Cadence opens the fridge or pantry door, crosses her arms, and says "Hmmmm..."

2. Only three Christmas presents left to make, and we're completely done!

3. Did you know there are only 10 more Sundays until Cadence is two? AAAAACK!!!!!

4. Cadence loves ice. And picante sauce. But not together.

5. Grace gets really hyper after her bath. She actually ran into the wall yesterday.

6. Grace also thinks she's a cat. It's so sad. I thought I was getting a dog for my birthday. But I got a cat.

7. I have changed the sheets on the bed every Monday since April, in an effort to be more like Nonnie. Unfortunately, the rest of the house has not followed the beds inspiration.

8. Chancellor Manor's new slogan is going to be: "Where the laundry is always washed, but not folded!"

9. I have a lot of laundry to fold. In case you didn't figure that out. You can come do it for me. I don't even care if you fold the towels a different way. I wouldn't be picky. I promise.

10. I may or may not post again before Christmas. I have tons of cute pictures I want to put up, but we'll see. You've been duly warned.

Love you all! Like you most! Ok, just kidding, I like you all. Unless I haven't met you, then I don't know if I like you, but I'm sure I would, given the chance.

Just in case - Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are full of love and joy!


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