Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Wee Bit of News

There's going to be a wee bit of baby coming to Chancellor Manor soon!

I'll try to answer all the questions all at once :)

Baby "Cashew" (remember Cadence is baby Peanut...) is due at the end of August, which means I am four weeks now.

Yes, we're very excited!

We kind of want a boy, but are seriously fine with either one. Good thing, since we don't get to pick!

I haven't been sick yet, but I didn't get sick until seven weeks last time, so we are praying really hard...

We do have some names we kind of like, but they are tentative, so we're not telling :D

Yes, we told Cadence. No, of course she doesn't get it.

It was very funny. I said "There's a baby in Mama's tummy" She busted up laughing. Then she started digging in my belly button and signing "Where" looking for the baby. She was determined she was going to find it in my belly button!

This is probably TMI, but for those of you who know how often I go to the bathroom on a good day... now it's every thirty minutes. Tony is going to shoot himself.

That's our excitement for the day - thanks for sharing our joy!


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Yay! Congratulations!!

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I am so excited for you! Congratulations!!!

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