Sunday, September 11, 2011

End of August

Cadence gets to open all of James' presents. This is kind of our consolation prize to her... but she loves it. A few weeks ago she saw Tony come in from work with a gift and attacked him - "DADDY PRESENT!!!!!" and flung herself against his legs, grabbed the bag from his hand and started flinging tissue paper violently across the living room. Sigh.

Cadence likes to read to "Mine baby brother James"

"See the pictures James?"

More reading....

Baby in the lap! She holds him a lot...

James joining us for lunch.
Picture me Mama?

She can't quite do it herself, but almost :)

She took her monkey (His name is two-and-a-half) on a tour of the bathrooms. I guess we do spend a lot of time there.

"Oh, my head!" This is how I found him when we got back from our tour of the bathrooms... I wonder if it's related?

Sometimes James gets to sleep on the clean laundry while we're out in the garage. This time I didn't want to disturb his rest, so I just brought the whole basket in.

Cadence likes to carry her babies in a sling. I think I might have to make her one for Christmas so I don't have to try to tie them on her.

James LOVES to ride in his sling. He usually goes right to sleep, and stays that way until I lay him down. Sometimes he even stays asleep after I lay him down.

Gramma got to visit :D


Oh yes, they've made lots of progress... looks about the same as last time on this side :)

This side does actually look more like a building now though...

Cadence and James enjoying a little Rick Riordan with Daddy. This is how Tony gets James to sleep at night - he reads aloud from whatever book he is reading.

Happy 5 Years! I got Tony a lazy susan with a C on it, which he's been wanting since we got married. I had no idea I would love it too :) He bought us a beautiful study Bible with both our names on it for our devotions together.

More watering the flowers. Please ignore the towering weeds, we've been a little sidetracked with other things :)

James loves to be outside too. Even if he is fussing, he will stop if we go outside.

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