Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week One

I love it when they sleep like this... apparently it's just  reflex, but that doesn't ruin the magic for me :)

Naming James' body parts - "Two cheeks..."

Ha! Check out those squished cheeks!

Brother/Sister feet - Tony thinks feet pictures are weird, but I love them anyway.

Pardon the "nakies"... this is how she always stands to watch James get his diaper changed, so I had to get a picture.

Playmat tents...

Tony likes to move James' lips while he's sleeping and talk for him.

Super cute hat from Aunt Kristina - which she loves!

Nana gave Cadence a diaper bag full of diapers, wipes and bottles, and now Cadence spends a LOT of time changing her babies' diapers.

"Ew, yuck - stinks in there!"

It says "Toadally cool big sister" Aunt Ruth Ann made her this one and the brown one she wore to the hospital. They are SO CUTE! Thank you Auntie :)

We spend HOURS reading in the house - every day. She finished her summer reading program in about one week. Ten minutes per sticker, fifty stickers. You do the math.

One week old! His tiger is massive compared to Cadence's. That's ok. HE'S massive compared to Cadence :)

I'm done Mama - stop taking pictures and dress me!!!! (He hates being naked)

Ah, that's much better - thanks!

I'm glad I took this picture. I went back and looked at Cadence in this bassinet, and she only half filled it up :)

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