Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lovely Things

Thanks to all of our wonderful friends and family who made our children such lovely gifts. Obviously this 'list' is not comprehensive... but here are some of the quilts and diaper bags. There have also been blankets, sweaters, tiny hats and mittens, burp rags, clothes, books, basket liners, etc.

Quilt for James from Aunt Jennie:

Quilt for Cadence from Mommy:

Quilt for James from Mommy:

Quilt for James from Mom:

Blanket from Misti for Cadence:

Quilt from Ms. Schultz for Cadence:

Blanket for James from Ms. Schultz:

Blanket for Cadence from Aunt Jennie (her matching pillow is in the picture of her bed):

Cute pictures of Cadence and James enjoying James' quilt from 'Gramma' just because I think my kids are cute:

Diaper bag / day bag from Auntie - for me! 

Quilt for Cadence from Nana (Picutres from April, 2009):

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