Friday, June 29, 2012

Bulliten Board with Portrait Gallery

This turned out to be my very favorite of all the recent decorating projects we've tackled around here. It was easy, cheap, and turned out cute! It looks perfect in the playroom above the glider, and is already full of Cadence's coloring and glueing projects.

I bought a cheap , large bulliten board from Hobby Lobby, and four 4X6 picture frames from the dollar store. The ribbon and paper I already had, and the pictures I just quickly printed.

First I spray painted everything white.
Then I relpaced the mats in the frames with bright colored cardstock to match the playroom.
Last I attached ribbon to the bulliten board (I just used plain old staples), and hung everything up. The bulliten board is not actually supported by that red ribbon, it's purely decorative. I didn't figure one lonely, measly ribbon would hold up well in a play room!

Total cost:
Bulliten board (40% off) - $7
Frames - $4
Cardstock, ink for pictures - $1
Ribbon (full spools, obviously I used a very small fraction) - $2
Spray Paint - $2

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