Friday, June 1, 2012


Wait. You mean... it's done? As in, all the boxes are unpacked, everything is put away, the bed is made, the clock is hung, the books are shelved nice and neat, the closet is full of bags of projects, and the mess that exploded downstairs as a result of unpacking upstairs in put away?! YES!!!!! Celebrate! This calls for dancing in the streets - confetti - a piece of chocolate cake that I stole shared with Cadence - a nice glass of iced tea... Ok, all but the dancing in the streets and the confetti.

Obviously it's not decorated (neither is the rest of the house), and things probably won't stay where they are for too overly long. But everything is out of boxes! The boxes you see are photographs on the shelf above the chair) and toys that need to be sorted for our toy rotation (under the table). 

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