Monday, November 5, 2012

James' {First} First Birthday Party!

I know, I know - "Wasn't that like, two months ago?" Yeah, well, we've been busy! And sick! And out of town! And learning to walk, and giving hair cuts, and teaching Cadence phonics, and... Ok, fine, enough excuses. I thought about just not doing them, but decided they were important :)
So here's the deal. Our kids pretty much get three first birthday parties. One on the day of their birthday with just one gift and just us. One for our relatives here. And one for our relatives in Tulsa. This was the day of his actual birthday. He was pretty excited to be getting so much attention!
Birthday breakfast:

 Cadence decorated the (gluten free) cake:
James supervised:
And ate crackers. Don't you just love his big blue eyes?
Heeheee, I love the look on his face when we were trying to get him to blow out his candle!

"Yay for James!" "Hey wait.... my cool flame just disappeared!"

Opening his very first ever birthday present:

Ok, this birthday stuff is pretty cool!
First cake - he never did really make a huge mess everywhere. That's my boy!

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