Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My New Evil Secret Weapon Teaching Tool

There is only one thing I really want Cadence to learn - her phone number. There is only one thing Cadence really does not want to learn - her phone number.

First, I thought, "Hey, she loves dinosaurs, I'll put it on her favorite kind and hang it in the play room." This motivated her for all of, oh, ten seconds. She thought it was really awesome the brachiosaurus' were biting each others tails. She also thought it was fun for me to scramble them up and call out the numbers for her to grab and put in order before I hung them up. But, it didn't really seem to help her actually remember her phone number.

Then today I had a brilliant moment. She wanted to go outside and play, but the back door was locked. On a whim - "Cadence, the door is locked, and only saying your phone number will unlock it!!! Oh no, quick, say your phone number as the secret code to unlock the back door!"

And guess what? She miraculously knew her phone number. Hmmmm.

This will be a secret weapon I use again! I'm also thinking this would be a great teaching tool for little kids who like to play spy, or figure out codes...

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