Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home Improvement - Weekend One

At the beginning of January, we sat down and decided which projects in our house we were going to tackle this year, what order we would do them in, etc. It was decided the entry way would be first. The list for the entry-way went something like this:

1. Take down that ugly granny wall-paper.
2. Paint a light, neutral color to make the space seem more open.
3. Replace the old fixtures and switches - including light switches, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and the doorbell outside.
4. Tear up the cracked, moving, also ugly flooring.
5. Level the floor as much as possible without making it impossible to open the front door all the way.
6. Put in new flooring.
7. Take the door down. Sand it, stain it, fix the hinges, and put it back up. (We really love the style of the door, it just needs some work.)
So the first weekend we tackled steps one through three. It was super fun - the whole project has been. We love having something to work on together on our weekends and evenings. We still haven't gotten to step seven, but it'll happen. :)

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