Saturday, March 8, 2008

The View From Saturday

*I was going to write this way back on Monday, but since then the internet and my pictures have never been in the same place :) *
The View From Saturday

Saturday was so incredibly beautiful, we simply couldn't stay inside. So right after lunch we headed to the driving range, to finally put our golf clubs to some use other than holding down the floor for the winter.

After the driving range, it was over to the David Chancellor's house for Rusty's 18th birthday party. (Shocking I know, he's one of the "little" boys). There was, of couse, volley ball, touch football, gifts, food, and 4 1/2 hours of "Gotcha." Needless to say, I was slightly sore Sunday and Monday.
This is "Gotcha."
All the players line up, and the first two are given basketballs. As soon as the first one shoots the second one can shoot. If the first person in line makes a basket first, they're fine, and go the end of the line to start over. If the second person makes it first, the first person is out, and only the second person can go to the end of the line to keep going. The key is quickness - as soon as you make it in, you pass the ball to the next person so they can get someone out too :) Its kind of like horse on steriods.

Lindy and Ruthie - They're so sweet to each other, totally bonded... unless they're in direct competition :)
The "Out" line up.

Tony wrestling Bobby.
Typical Chancellor guys. On the ground more than standing up :)

The other team...
Bobby on the ground again. His body seems to have a communion with the earth the rest of us just don't have. Every time he moves he falls theatrically over - kind of reminds me of Tony in his younger days :)
Speaking of ;)

Well, that's about it for now. We finished re-tiling our enty-way also last weekend, but I'll get those pictures later in a home improvement sort of issue :)
This weekend is shaping up well. Last night we went to Andy's new house (Andy and Brent are living there... Brent will move out eventually, but he just sold his house and needed a place to crash for a while) and played games with some of our friends and family. It was great fun. Trust me, there are some people that you only let be on your team for pictionary because you like talking to them - NOT because of their artistic abilities. (J/K)
Where have I been since February? Well... like I said at the beginning, I just haven't really had access to the internet... sorry for the huge lapse on Chancellor Manor :)

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Misti C said...

You mean like people who don't draw faces on their people, or whose people don't have bodies, or who expect you to get a cat fight out of knobs on sticks? ;-)

Blitz was fun. :)