Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The View from Saturday

I'm supposed to be vacumming, but I got about half way done and the motor started smoking really bad, so I'm taking a break :)

I finally got hooks put on the back of my Christmas present from Kristina, and it is proudly hanging in the hobby room.

Tony and Kurtis played games on Kurtis' Wii for a while. Kurtis is doing very well, we are all proud of him for the way he's handled the last few months. He can still use prayer, it has, of course, been very difficult for him.

Saturday morning bright and early (9:30) Tony got up and went over to help Dad smoke some brisket, which we later had for supper (yummy!)

While the guys played games and cooked, I went to Eva's personal shower (yes, she's getting married in May).

Tony also worked on his '66 Mustang for a while. It runs great, but it has a leak somewhere in the body they have to fix before we can take it out too much.

I'm surprised Tony had the emotional fortitude to make this decision, but we've decided to trade his '66 for his dad's black '66 GT. The difference is engine power, power steering, etc. Great car, just needs a new paint job - we're going to paint it blue - yay!

We also played games Saturday night - being around Tony's family made me miss my family - I'm glad I get to see at least Mom and Alex on Saturday. Until later - tata!

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Misti C said...

I'm glad that Kurtis is doing okay and handling it pretty well, all things considered. We'll just keep praying...

Love ya cuz,