Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Paid to Shop

I love getting paid to shop! Today I got some great deals at CVS. I could have probably done even better at Walgreens, but I don't like working with their rewards system. They have a lot more rules and details you have to follow - much more complicated.

So these were my good deals today. The soaps were on sale for $4 each. The razors were $9 and $10. So my total was $27. I had a "Spend $25 get $5 off" coupon CVS had emailed me (sign up for their email notifications - it's worth it!). I also had a buy one get one free coupon for the soaps, a $1 coupon for the soaps, as well as $4 and $5 coupons for the razors. This saved me $19, bringing my total down to $8.

So I spent $8 to buy all these things. Good deal, right? Gets better!

I got $4 back for each of the soaps, $5 for one razor, and $4 for the other razor. That's $17 I can spend on anything in CVS next time I go in. Which means...

I got paid nine dollars to shop at CVS today!

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