Friday, June 18, 2010

Momopoly: Parenting the Easy Child

Momopoly: Parenting the Easy Child

This was an excellent and touching tribute to parenting the easy child.

Cadence is an easy child. She is sweet, laid-back, fun to be around, and she likes to play by herself. She is willing to share (usually), she likes to clean up her toys, and she is easy to put off or distract. It's wonderful. But I have to be careful not to abuse it. Some days I find myself always saying, "Just a minute baby doll, let Mama do this.. or finish this.. or take care of that.." and never actually spending any time with her. Afterwards I feel guilty, and she feels left out. Neither of those are good for our relationship!

Anyway, I really appreciated this lady's thoughts on parenting the easy child. I try to make sure to dedicate time to just playing with Cadence, and I am learning to be sensitive to her small cues and needs.

Now, take a deep breath or just stop reading, because I'm stepping up onto my soapbox!

People tell me all the time how lucky I am to have such an easy baby. I totally agree! I think God must have given us an easy one first because He knew we would be terrified of another one if she was difficult!

But then they say - "Wow! You must get a ton of stuff done, or get to shop as long as you want, or talk to your friends or whatever since she doesn't cry very often!" "If she were my baby, I would totally let her be on her own all the time until she started crying!"

Wait... what?! You want me to ignore my baby's needs just because she's not throwing a tantrum?! You want me to punish my child for being good?! You want me to expect more of her than most people do of their school age children, just because she's quiet?!

1. That's cruel. No child's sweet nature should be taken advantage of like that.
2. If I did that, she probably wouldn't be an easy child anymore. If you ignore a child until they start crying, what are they going to do? Start crying. Throw tantrums. Do everything in their power to get your attention. And if little cues don't work, then they escelate.

I have actually seen this happen. Parents assume that since their baby isn't crying, it doesn't need them. And that baby grows a little and becomes an absolute terror, impossible to work with and not fun to be around. So I will not be ignoring Cadence just because she's nice!

Ok, I'm done. Sorry.


Kari said...

Well said! This is something I've been working on lately...things have been so busy that I feel like I hardly have time to just "play" but its so important. Its something I know I need to continue to work on...thanks for the reminder! :o)

Carrie said...

Sing it, sister!