Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Zoo!

We had so much fun at the zoo Tuesday! It was only Cadence's second trip, and last time she was only six months old, so it was neat to see her reactions.

Waiting on Mama to get out of the bathroom.

I love this picture, and it was completely an accident. I was just kind of pointing the camera in her general direction to try to get her reaction to the Children's Zoo, and this was the result. I'll take it.

Petting the goats in the Children's Zoo.

Monkeys! Cadence was really more interested in watching all the other little kids running around than seeing the monkeys at this point, but I liked them.

Pink flamingos! Cadence did like these. She would point to all the animals and say "oh!" "oh!" and get her cute little pursed lips.

Like this... except usually with more pursed lips :)

She LOVED the Herpatorium. Mama? Not so hep on the snakes, but they don't bother me too much.

See the snake Mama?

Here we are looking at fish and sea lions. Cadence loves all things swimming, so these were a big hit. (Notice how Mama and Daddy are totally willing to linger in the air conditioning?)
What's that big stinky thing over there?! (It was a rhino!)

This was great - the lions were right up against the glass, so it was almost like petting them. Except without the big scary teeth. And claws. And six hundred pounds of viciousness. But other than that, exactly the same!

Hee-Hee. I love prairie dogs.


So... you might think, 'Wow, Cadence really loves those alligators!' ... She's grinning at the sprinkler.

Well, that was our super fun day!

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