Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love Summer - And I Love My Husband

Ahhh Summer. The time when I can put my baby to sleep, leave her in the diligent care of her father, and go *ahem* *cough cough* "Grocery Shopping" all by myself.

Ok, I really did go grocery shopping, but hey, I also had to go the post office, and well, Sonic is right in between the two, and it was Happy Hour...

But it really easy nice to just be able to take off and grocery shop alone! I have a very short attention span, so paying attention to a list is hard enough without also trying to entertain Cadence, so grocery shopping during the school year is not really fun for me.

Thanks Tony!

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Kristina said...

We recently met a man whose wife was from Oklahoma. He and Gary had a good time laughing about how much we love Cokes from Sonic. :) Apparently, they are of the opinion that all Oklahoma women are nuts because they have cravings for Sonic Coke. LOL