Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Sunday

Cadence was SO excited to finally get to go to Sunday School and sing with the kids during church!

Here she is with her Sunday School money. When it was time I said, do you want to go with the kids? She laughed and took off running, without a second glance. She could have at least needed me to hold her hand! Way to break Mama's heart baby-doll!
 This is in her Sunday School room.

 "Cadence's seat" - they had to get a adult size chair for her to reach the table at coloring time :)

Yep - still swaddling, even on her second birthday!

Ah, the long awaited moment. I was a little concerned she would be scared or cry with an audience (she LOVES practice)... I needn't have worried. I carried her up and set her down... and the entertainment began.
 She did all the motions...
 Can anyone explain this face to me???
 "Oh be careful little tongue what you say"
 Hmmm... I wonder if Emma has anything cool in her pockets? Thank you, sweet Emma, for bearing this patiently!
 "Get in the ark, it's going to rain!" This is the only time she ever vocalizes during singing, and she yells as loud as she can!

Unfortunately, I missed the best part. I was going to hold her hand and walk back to our pew with her... Oh no. She went running down the aisle, yelling "YAY!!!" and clapping. Of course, that made several other people clap too... She can't wait to do it all again!

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