Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The First Second Birthday Party

Cadence had an absolute blast at her birthday parties. She knew what to do too, from watching her cousins the last several parties, and she was ready for her turn!

We decided to split the parties up for space sake, so we had Chancellor's on Friday, and Bourbonnais' on Saturday. Hopefully next year we'll have a bigger house and only one party!

The theme this year was parties... not very original, but easy and fun! So we had party hat cupcakes and a present for a cake, along with making party hats while the kids were here and party hat invitations.

Her rocking chair from Nana and Pa-Pa. All the grandkids get one when they turn two. They asked us, do you guys want one even though you have Yvonne's from when she was little? I said, Oh yes, that one is mine and stays with me when the kids grow  up - these will be theirs and they can take them with them. Cadence loves her rocking chairs!

Making party hats:

As soon as we left the hobby room, Cadence ran to the table blowing and signing eat. I think she was ready for cake! She blew really well at her candle... but, she still had to have help actually getting it out.
Then she immediately grabbed a cupcake...
And chowed.

After cake she dashed to the living room and started pulling tissure paper out of present. It took a minute to convince her to slow down and open one at a time.

But then she got the hang of it and started telling everyone thank you between gifts:
I would say she had a ton of fun!

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