Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Second Second Birthday Party

The second day of partying was an all afternoon event. First we took some pictures of Cadence in her outfit:

Then Uncle Alex and Gramma and Auntie got here!!!!

She was, once again, thrilled to be so close to cake, and did a great job blowing out her candle (with help...).

We let her do the honors of cutting the cake. What a mess! We really needed spoons more than forks when she was done.

Then presents - whoo boy! She was running across the living room, throwing wrapping paper, it was great.
But she did stop to say thank you if prompted :)

Signing duck:

After some play time and a short nap, we all went out to Mexican food. This is Cadence's favorite food to eat out - she gets chips and salsa, cheesy tortillas, and rice. How much better could it get?
After everyone went back to Tulsa, Cadence had fun throwing everything out of her shopping cart...

And generally having fun :)

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