Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Pictures Post One

10 Weeks - This child has perfected the pouty lip. This is only a very small sample of his prowess.

This is our special reading place. We sit reclined and James falls asleep while Cadence and I snuggle and read.

Doesn't he look like a big boy? He is way too young to be wearing cute big boy clothes :)

Cadence loves play dough, and she loves Little Red Riding Hood... this combines the two passions for lots of fun. Here she is about to chop the wolf's head off.

They love to play together.

Climbing up Daddy. Since we don't have a swing set, Daddy is her favorite jungle gym... then again, he probably would be anyway!

"Hey, I can hold toys by myself now. And I shove EVERYTHING in my mouth!"

Aunt Ruth Ann gave him this very cute outfit

Ok.... disclaimer *Cadence chose his clothes* James watching Cadence play.

Twelve weeks - does he look fun or what?? It is so great to hear him shriek and chuckle!

They almost match :)

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