Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Pictures - Next to the Last Round

Zebra shirt! Cadence was so excited when he finally got to wear this shirt - she's been campaining for it for weeks now. I guess that's what happens when you let your toddler choose everyone's wardrobe.

Eight weeks.

Um, don't look now guys... but I think there's a tiger sitting on me. Maybe he won't notice if I don't make eye contact.

Cadence and Panashe in the church nursery, where Cadence doesn't get to go very often anymore. Poor kid... old enough to sit through church (mostly....). She likes Panashe though, so she was thrilled that one of her rare trips to the nursery coincided with one of his.

Ok, seriously, what this girl may or may not lack in vocal music abilities she more than makes up for in drama.

More progress at Belle Isle...
Look, a hallway!

Another outfit chosen by Cadence... this time she wanted to hold him and have their picture taken. I guess she wanted her fashion choices recorded for all time. This is the only time he wears shoes, because unless Cadence asks for them I'm way too lazy to cram them on his feet.

Refilling the M&M machine from Gramma.
... And turning it twice - for everyone.

Cadence was sick during fall break, so we did what we always do - pulled out the paint.

She told me she was painting a beautiful picture.
It was painting paradise for her - usually I only let her choose three colors per picture (less mess to clean up!)... This time she got to use ALL the colors. Wow, talk about spoiled ;)

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