Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Ribbon Parade and Trick-or-Treating

I've been looking forward to the Red Ribbon Parade for a few months now. I'm not sure why I like it so much, since I'm not a big fan of noisy crowds... perhaps because it always makes it feel official: Fall is here, good weather, fun times, and it's almost Christmas. We had a blast. James fell asleep shortly after we got there, and stayed asleep in his wrap till we left. It meant no one got to see his super cute outfit, but at least he was happy ;) Cadence has so much fun watching the floats and picking up candy. One of her favorites though was the marching band. She got to go see them warming up before the parade started, and you could see her grin a mile away!

When we got home we all took naps, then dressed up in our 'fancy' costumes. We were the story of Little Red Riding Hood. James was going to be the big bad wolf, since we call him Mr. Huff and Puff, but we couldn't resist the little shirt we found, so he became the woodcutter. Tony was the big bad wolf (which Cadence loved, especially when he ate her tummy), and I was the grandmother.

This was the first year Cadence really understood the concept of running up to the doorbell and saying trick-or-treat in exchange for candy, and of course she was cute while she did it. We just went to immediate family (which is probably all we'll ever do), so she was comfortable and had fun.

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Linnie Sue said...

I really miss the red ribbon parade. Up here, the parades I have gone to, they don't throw candy and there aren't a gazillion family members around to visit with. Just not the same...