Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Pictures Last Round

9 Weeks - I can't believe how he's grown... he actually fills out his outfit now :) And just look at that smile - it screams ornery already!

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah... ppppbbbtttt!

"You're so funny Mama!"

Every night before bed one of us 'talks' to Cadence, then the other one holds her while she drinks her milk and settles down for the night. We like it when it's our turn to talk. She tells us about her day, and then snuggles, hugs, and kisses us. It's really the only time she ever loves up on us, so it's pretty special.

On our way to Tulsa - our first trip with James.

Thankfully, he slept pretty much all the way there. He even slept through our stop at midway to get fuel and McDonalds.

He has arrived! And no, that's not his diaper bag - it's Cadence's bag for her baby doll :D

*Sniff* My tree is gone. It's so sad - I probably spent as much time in that tree as I did in the house growing up. Maybe it will grow back, but I'm with Josh. Mommy can move now, because the house just doesn't look the same.

As soon as we pulled up Cadence wanted to swing. The only thing that got her out of the swing was the prospect of going inside to play with "Grandmudder"

Gramma and James

Auntie and James
 The drive home was not so much fun... James cried off and on (between snoozes) and Cadence fussed the whole time because her stomach hurt. She also three up times. Poor girl - this is the fourth or fifth time she has gotten really carsick, we are praying it goes away! Thankfully we made it home ok, got James to sleep, gave Cadence a "nice warm bath", and things were fine after that. Whew! Glad I wasn't by myself!
This girl is crazy! I love her so much - every move she makes is filled with exuberance and energy.

"Cadence, look at me and grin so I can take your picture" (Be careful what you ask for - you might be blasted with cuteness!)

Ten Weeks - He was SO not in the mood to smile. Oh well, I guess we have to record the sober, "fussappy" (Tony's word for kinda fussy, kinda happy, which describes James most of the time) moments too!

Blue eyes!

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