Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Pictures

We've been busy this month!


Still learning about the first Easter - and playing in our new chairs:

 Pretend feetwashing / communion to try to help Cadence understand what Jesus did. To simplify it to her level was hard. I wound up saying, Jesus wants us to do this so we remember Him.

 Mud is yummy!
 Cadence dictating which color pen Tony should use, and for how long.
 Unofficial, laid-back, non-successful start of potty-training:
 Tony is 29!!!
 Old geezer...
 Teddy bear gets the same treatment baby dolls do, but with less holding. He is, after all, as big as Cadence.
 "Juice for you, milk for me..."
 "Mama, Juice, Mouth!" (Look Mama, I gave the teddy bear some juice in his mouth!)
 Playing in the sprinkler:
 Grace is growing rather rapidly...
 Cadence likes to make the dog get in the crate. She points and grunts....
 And Grace obeys. Amazing.

 A fun new game with Daddy - lean back....
 ... and fall forward!

 What do you mean I'm too bright today with my hot pink striped dress and my hot pink polk-a-dot flip-flops??!
 Practicing with scissors:

We've also had some company, gone to Tulsa, let Tony get caught up on his make-up snow hours at work, and generally ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. We saw baby bunnies at Tractor Supply, waved to the cow (MOO MAMA!!!!) at Chick-Fil-A, and went to Makanaka's 3rd birthday party. Cadence put a paper Jesus in and out of a paper tomb about twenty million times. Tony went to a softball game at work, and I finally finished organizing Cadence's baby memorabilia.

Whew - on to the rest of the month!

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