Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cashew Has a Name!

James is really strong kicker. Much stronger than Cadence. He's constantly wiggling and twisting, flipping and flopping, kicking and thrashing. I love it! (Except the other day when he must have hit a nerve, sending shocks all down my leg - ouch)

At my last appointment I was telling the nurse "This baby kicks a lot harder than my first" and right as I finished saying it he kicked the doppler right off my stomach. She cracked up and said, "Yeah, he does kick hard!"

Last night Cadence was sitting on my lap when James started kicking. She let out a startled "Oooo!", giggled, jumped off my lap and pointed to my stomach. I said, "James is kicking you!" She wagged her head back and forth and cut her eyes over at Tony, like, "Dad, how could you allow this??"

In a side note, James is named after two of his great-grandfathers, along with several uncles and other ancestors. We both like James, but every time I call him "Jamie" I get lectured by my husband about it being a girl name... so I guess I won't be calling him that very often.

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