Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby James

Ok, a little side note - I was getting ready to type, glanced over at Cadence, and realized... she is holding her bowl of strawberries, picking up every piece, saying "No, not that" and putting them aside. I wonder if she'll ever find the one she's looking for?

On to James :) We had a 4D ultrasound at the Moore Noman Tech (thanks to Kari :)), and while we didn't get great pictures of James, we did discover some things about him.

1. He has cute ears.

2. It kinda looked like he had chubby cheeks and a pointy chin. Where did he get that?!?!?!

3. He has four fingers and a thumb on this hand. Yay!

4. He has a cute profile. Just like Cadence, his mouth opened and shut the whole time we were there. Uh oh.

5. He is camera shy - just like his Daddy. We saw him about a minute, then he turned his head completely around to my spine. No more pictures for him!

6. He is also very stubborn - just like his Daddy. We jostled, we pushed, we cajoled, I rolled over a few times... he never moved again. (Until we got to the parking lot, of course.) Oh well, we enjoyed our little sneak peak anyway :)

Can't wait to meet this fellow!

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