Friday, May 6, 2011


A week or so ago, I figured something out. I'd been feeling kind of down and discouraged, sort of groggy physically and emotionally. I couldn't figure out a particular reason, and just assumed I was less energetic because this is my second pregnancy instead of my first. Then I realized, I'm not treating my body right like I did the first time. And if my body isn't getting treated right, my emotions are going to drag too.
So I started taking care of myself physically. I stretch every day, take my vitamins (when I remember) and exercise three or four times a week.

Sure enough, it has lifted my spirits too.

After all, how can you resist being happy when you this every day??!!

Leg stretches

Toe touches

Splits - she can go almost all the way down before she falls, I caught her midway.

Leg and lower back stretch.

More toe touching - it's one of her favorites.

Arm stretches

What can I say? It's hard to be down in the dumps when you're laughing!

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Kristina said...

She's almost ready for tae kwon do. You just need to teach her how to do jumping jacks now. ;D

I'm glad you're feeling better. Exercise makes a big difference for me, too.