Monday, May 23, 2011

A Lunchtime Conversation

Today at lunch Cadence started "baaa"ing like a sheep. I said "Hey! There's a sheep at my table!"

Oops. There wound up being several sheep at my table. Then there was an elephant at my table. Then along came a chomper (alligator).

After finally eating a little more of her food, she glanced out the window, giggled, and said the "Baa" was eating the trees. I told her sheep eat grass. This started a big long dicussion about what the different animals eat. Midway through she informed me she was a sheep, and she wanted to "Outside - grass" Uh. No. Thanks anyway.

By the end she was using one hand as a fish and the other as an alligator and letting the alligator chomp the fish. I gave up. Let's just say it was a fun lunch.

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