Wednesday, May 4, 2011

End of April Pictures

This is the rose bush Gramma gave to Cadence when she was born - can you believe it's been two years?? Look how much they've grown and how beatiful they are :)

Cadence and Grace playing in the sand.

Some of these I've already posted in a seperate Easter blog, but I didn't bother to check, I just chose some of my favorites :)

Look, I found an egg!

Playing cars... "Vrrrrrmmm.... vrrrmmm...."
Her first Easter basket:

Cadence got help me make bread. It's been forever since I made bread, so it was fun for both of us. And, even though it makes a huge two loaf batch, it's already gone - I guess that's what I get for having not made it in a while.

Adding more flour to her hands.

"Push... push..." (She loves to narrate everything she's doing)

Aren't they adorable? A rare still moment - and no, neither of them are actually asleep. Cadence had just been woken up from a rough nap time and needed lots of cuddles - which Tony and I gladly gave.

Walking all over Daddy ;)

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