Friday, May 13, 2011

Sleepy Changes

It has been so amazing to watch Cadence gradually change her sleeping habits since she weaned. We were kind of dreading the whole process, because she's very OCD, and we assumed it would be a difficult transition. Instead, she's just kind of done it on her own, relaxing more and more each night. It's been fun to go in and see, "How is she sleeping tonight?"

From basically her birth to a few weeks after she weaned, she always swaddled to sleep. She liked being very tight and cozy. We would lay her down almost asleep, and she would roll over and go to sleep.

November 2010

Here she is on her birthday, a day she was apparently to tired to even roll over.
February 27, 2011

After a bit she started unswaddling herself after we layed her down, but she still cozied up to this same corner of the crib and slept in a tight little ball - basically using the bumper pad to swaddle herself.
March 2011
About the beginning of April she stopped wanting to be swaddled at all. She still had to have her blanket (two, in fact), but she just had me drape them over her.

Then the other day I went in to get her from a nap on Sunday afternoon, and just about fell over. She was asleep on the opposite side of the crib, not pressed up against anything, neatly covered and using her tiger as a pillow. Yikes! Talk about changes! I would say she is definately more flexible about her sleep now - and hey, tigers do make the best pillows ;)

End of April, 2011

I made a scrapbook page, but didn't think you would be able to read the journaling very well :)

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