Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kindergarten Enrollment and a Little Art Therapy

Last week Cadence finally got to enroll in Kindergarten. 

You know, like she’s been dying to do since she was two-and-a-half. Seriously. No exaggeration. 

It was kind of a stressful week. You see, she had known for months that the Monday after her birthday she would get to go inside her school (Finally!) and enroll for school this fall. 

Monday was a snow day.

Tuesday was a snowday.

Tuesday afternoon Cadence prayed earnestly for God to clear all the streets so they would have school on Wednesday. Thank the Lord He answered – I’m pretty sure she would have spontaneously combusted if they had cancelled school again

Now, she actually handled the delay pretty well, all things considered, for which I am grateful, since she normally has huge major issues with anticipation anxiety (hopefully more on coping with that later). But by the time we got home from the big event Wednesday, she was pretty wiped out emotionally. 

I tried having her jump on the trampoline, to try to expend some energy, but she was so tired from staying up until midnight and waking up at seven (anticipation anxiety anyone?) that she just physically couldn’t do it. So instead I busted out her new art kit and told her to draw her new school. It worked. 

I love art. Don’t you? 

She calmed right down, and was able to play and interact like a real, actual human being for the rest of the day. She even took a nap.

She was so excited to discover a crayon called – wait for it – Brick Red to color the elementary. She claimed the school as her own you see, and made me write in teeny tiny letters on the sign on the door “School Enrollment Next Week – Snow Day!”. Pretty sure she was working through a bit of tension with that one :P She really worked hard, drawing the flagpole on the right, and the column and ‘shelf’ she stood on for her picture on the left. She decided it was a sunny, summery day, and that her school needed several flowers.

Here is the finished product.

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