Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Randomness

James has been counting everything recently. Yesterday Tony asked him to find 5 trucks in a book they were reading. “One… two… three… me need 2 more!” Thinking it was a fluke, Tony asked him to find 3 trucks. “One… two… me need 1 more!” 
Hmmm. We may have a STEM kid after all. We shall see :)
After two months of getting up on her hands and knees/feet, ReC finally mastered…. Army crawling. 
She’s fast, and ornery too. It’s crazy. I’m not used to having a mobile baby. She gets into everything, and the instant I put her down in the living room she dashes under the coffee table to go sit on the tile and bang on the fireplace. And speaking of sitting, she’ll sit herself up to play with something she’s crawled over to, but she refuses to sit up if I sit her up. I’ll set her down and plop she just flops right over. 
It’s ridiculous.

Cadence meanwhile is very persistently growing up. Wednesday when Tony got home from work she dashed over to greet him, throwing out her arms and shouting, “THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER BE FOUR!!!!!” I think he just about cried. We were planning to enroll her in kindergarten on Monday, but school was closed for a snow day. And then again today. I think she’s going to spontaneously combust from waiting. 

At devotions tonight we were singing, “Who built the ark? Noah, Noah! Who built the ark?” And Cadence jumped in with “Ham, Shem, and Japheth built the ark!”
Then she asked why we were laughing.

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