Sunday, March 9, 2014


"Hey, James, get off my hope chest and come here."
"No, me doing something."
Pause. Panic.
"Watcha doin'?"
"Um, me writing on bed with this marker."
Panic justified.
On the plus side, I now know exactly what I want for Christmas - a lock for the permanent marker drawer, and a new bedspread.

Cadence - "Hey, Mommy, I saw this really cool bed on Pinterest that when you lay down on the pillow it helps heal your cuts and scrapes, and like, if you have blood gushing out it will stop the blood, just "poof!" without even hurting or stinging, or waiting for the plasma to work on its own."
"Oh, that sounds really nea- wait. Where did you see this bed?!"
"You know, on Pinterest -  on my pretend iPod."
Something tells me I need to cut back on my Pinterest usage. *eyeroll*

Meanwhile, ReC has been keeping us all busy with her mobility. She is fast, and quiet, and ornery, and she loves corners with sharp edges. She's also decided crawling is not good enough, and is trying (unsuccessfully) to get up on her feet. She's funny, and silly, and constantly on the go. And she. loves. food. a. lot.

I've been attempting to focus more on the kids, playing with and teaching them, rather than so much on projects and house stuff. I'm having a hard time, but I know it's important, and really it's what I want to do and enjoy doing the most. Again with the Pinterest thing.

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