Thursday, March 13, 2014

Schoolhouse Chancellor

The other day Tony walked in from work and said, "Every time I come home, it's more and more like walking into an elementary school." I had to laugh. Whatever could he be talking about? 

Maybe the character words on the mantle?

Or the good manners rules in the cafeteria dining room?

Or perhaps the plethora of things the kids have to say to get out the back door?

Or the bulletin board covered in art, science, and math papers? 

Perhaps it was the calendar on the sliding glass door that made him feel that way...

Nope, must have been the globe on the piano.

But of course, it could have been the art supplies and papers strewn all over the coffee table, or the cabinets full of construction paper, or the blocks stacked like the walls of Jericho, or the memory verse binder by the black chair, or...

Too bad we're not actually homeschooling *eyeroll*

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