Friday, December 23, 2011

December Pictures Round One (or Two...)

Awkward Family Photo!!!! This is us at Tony's concert. Don't we look.... beautiful?

See that little speck way over in the corner? That's Cadence. One of the best parts of Daddy's concerts for her is running up and down the bleachers.

15 Weeks

yum.... this poor tiger isn't going to survive if all these slimings keep up!

James FINALLY has a stocking!

Cadence telling me who each stocking is for.

Made a yummy pot pie in the pie plate Mommy got me for my birthday. It had been way too long - I ate it almost by myself in just two days. Yikes!
Getting ready to go to the second of Daddy's concerts... Cadence was a little awed that we had to wear church clothes to Daddy's concert.

See the presents Daddy? We can look with our eyes, but not touch with our hands!
James' last nap on the couch. He was just getting too wiggly, so now he has a pallett on the floor, so he can still be close to all the noise while he sleeps - if it's too quiet, he wakes up :)

He likes to sleep with his head buried in his hands. One of these days the little booger is going to sufficate himself!

Cadence has been rigging the baby doll's carseat to her ride toy so they can go places together - the store, the zoo, grandparents' houses...

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