Friday, December 23, 2011

December Pictures Round... Uh... You Can Keep Count ;)

His first nap on the pallet. I keep having to scoot it further and further from the piano, because when he wakes up he scoots until he's bonking his head...

Thank you, Aunt Kristina, for this wonderful idea! I now keep a Cadence sized shoebox with about two cups of rice, and several extra measuring spoons on top of the fridge. If I need an extra set of hands while I am cooking, I just put the shoebox of rice on the floor and Cadence goes to town. She knows the only rule is she can't pick the shoebox up (although, she's allowed to pick the lid up to dump the rice back in). She can write in it, dig with her measuring spoons, get out some bowls from her cabinet and 'cook'... whatever. Then when I am done cooking, I just dump it all back in and put it back on top of the fridge. If she gets a bunch on the floor, I just quickly sweep - which my kitchen always desperately needs anyway.

Christmas in Texas with the Leonard family:
James meeting Grandpa Leonard for the first time. He loved seeing all the new faces and grinning at everyone. The anti-Cadence strikes again!

Cadence loved playing with all the new kids (not so hep on the adults, but at least she had fun :))

Night-night James!

Opening stockings with Daddy...

James' first stocking! It says Tony, but only the great-grandkids get stockings and they didn't have enough with all the new kiddos, so James got to use Tony's from when he was little.

This boy is ALWAYS slobbering on something - if nothing else is around, it's his hands.

These are two of a kind... they kinda remind me of Matt and myself when we were little.
This was James' fist hotel stay. Cadence liked the round throw pillows. She announced they were haybales, and spent a lot of time throwing them around and putting them 'in the barn'. They both did really well, and it was reassuring that they didn't wake each other up. Maybe it won't be too much trouble to adjust to sharing a room - which is good, since James is about ready to crawl out of the bassinet.

It was fun to actually get to see James during a car ride. Another first - first trip out of state.

Loot from Texas.
Ok, this was not meant to be house divided... Cadence's red is for Christmas, not OU :D

"Please win OSU!"


When we got back from Texas we just kinda hung out around the house. Cadence read Corduroy to us, almost word-for-word. Something tells me we've read that book a FEW times!

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