Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Things

Have you ever had a teaparty with an OCD toddler? It's a mixture of fun and tedium.

James grins with his whole body. And he yells. A lot.

Cadence did well at the Christmas program last night - she had a lot of fun and wasn't shy at all. Maybe I can post a video clip later.

I really wish Christmas was less complicated and busy... Perhaps one celebration with Tony's family, one with mine, neither on Christmas, so we could spend the rest of the holidays (including Christmas day) at home spending time together. And having more teaparties.

But... I guess it's fun anyway ;)

Cadence's thoughts on concerts at Daddy's work: "When we go to concerts, we have to wear church clothes." "When me lots older, me play instrument like kids. Me play crash cymbals." "Me go up front, tell kids to play right."

My thoughts on concerts at Daddy's work: "Will I ever get her white tights clean again?" "I'm so glad James likes crowds and didn't have to go out during either concert." "Wow, those kids sounded really good this year!"

James' thoughts on everything: "Wow, this is worthy of drooling!"


Yesterday I was taking Cadence to the bathroom and she was sidetracked. I started to put my hand down to guide her... she rolled her eyes to the side, put a hand up on either side of her face to shield her view and said "Focus, focus."

I really need to do dishes. And clean the hobby room. And put the sheets back on the bed.

James scoots. All over the place. It's great!

I finally did some ironing. Even more shocking Tony finally did some ironing.

Sometimes I really miss Papa. I miss having someone to talk politics and keep me updated on what's going on in the world. I'm too lazy to do it on my own, but I feel so slow and out of the loop. I guess I'll have to fix that. I also miss the bond he would have had with my babies. I miss him for them, since they don't know to miss him.

How can someone so shy around individuals perform so dramatically in front of a huge audience?! Cadence is such a ham.

The tennis shoes in the dryer are driving me bonkers.

Hello, my name is Sally Chancellor, and I am addicted to digital scrapbooking. No joke.

Nothing like a mediocre dinner made more (*cough*) pleasant by the toddler at the table gagging on every bite and insisting she doesn't like it even though it's her favorite meal. Pretty sad when the microwaved egg rolls from the freezer section are the best part....

It's the little things that make me happy: Wearing a pretty dress, opening a frozen pizza and discovering the pepperonnies are evenly distributed... you know, important stuff ;)

James says Mama. He's been doing it several weeks now, and I've finally given up on trying to convice myself he can't possibly actually be saying Mama. Because he does. And only when he wants something.
My New Year's Resolution (a bit early, because I need it NOW!): Enjoy every moment as it comes, don't worry about the past or future, fall in love with every stage my babies go through, and EMBRACE the passing of time.

James has finally stopped blowing out every time he stinks in his diaper. Sorry if that's TMI.
Cadence can finally use a spit-up bucket without spilling a drop. Thankfully we've only needed it once or twice in the last month.
Why does human nature command us to always want what we can't have?

From the smallest thing (a *willing* good morning hug from Cadence) to the largest (spiritual unity among all our friends and family, neighbors, aquaintances, etc.) the things that seem impossible are the things we want most.
It is well and good to have goals to aspire to, hopes and dreams to hold onto in dark times, and yet - ...Paul said "I have learned, whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content."
What a delicate balancing act we must learn then, to be happy at all times, but always yearning for more, for growth.
The lesson, I suppose, is this: Let us be inspired to strive for great, impossible things, and be content in every moment along the journey.

Well, I hear my son calling, so that's it for now - I'm sure I'll come up with more random things later!

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Kristina said...

He beat Gabriel by a month, but Cadence was an early talker, too. Aren't you happy to have won out over "duck?"