Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November Pictures Round Two

James in his sweater from Aunt Kristina. Isn't he adorable? She made him three... so talented :)

This is part of our 'give Cadence the independance she so desperately craves' campaign. It was also making me feel bad when she had to wait for things I would normally have given her right away, just because I was taking care of James. Now she has a choice - do it herself or wait. On her "Cadi-bug" shelf are bowls, silverware, plates, and the snacks she is allowed to have anytime - raisins, goldfish, and peanuts.

Exploring - she LOVES it. Within ten minutes we had three bowls of peanuts, a bowl of raisins, and several spoons out. Now things have tapered off, and she only gets things out when she's actually hungry - but she still loves being able to do it "all by-by-by-by mineself!"
More sweaters from Aunt Kristina. Have I mentioned yet how much I ADORE having a sister who loves to knit?

This sweater (the one on James) has a matching hat, but he will have to grow a little more before he can wear it. Somehow, I don't think growing will be a problem :)
An oft seen sight at our house - everyone conducting together.

Cadence sometimes decides to help James... they both think it's so funny.
Thanksgiving at Gramma's house. This was James' first Thanksgiving (I'm sure you could have figured that out on your own ;)) so he got to put his footprint on the tableclothe.

Cadence was so excited to finally have our Thanksgiving "Fist" - complete with pilgrim hat cookies she made. We were just thankful to be able to spend time with family and do LOTS of talking!

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Kristina said...

Oh my goodness! Look at that double chin! Thanks for the pics of the sweaters. I'm so glad I got temporarily addicted to that pattern. It is so cute, and I'm glad he'll be able to wear that when it's cold. I was afraid it would fit him mid summer.