Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Mother's Helper

I don't like to drag my kids all over creation running errands. I like their days to be relaxed, with time spent running around playing, and a steady rhythm of routine. In fact, I like to have most days completely car seat free. But, I also don't like to leave them. Especially when they're nursing. Especially when they nurse every hour and won't take a bottle (Cadence...).

When Tony is home it is perfect. I nurse the baby, put him down for a nap, and leave to run errands. But... when he's at work, that clearly won't work. Obviously, we do shopping, and my kids have learned to cope with this just fine. In fact, they love it, as long as we don't overdo it. But I do wish I had a solution for those crazy days when I realize we've just run out of milk, I wasn't planning to go to the store till next Tuesday, and Cadence is needing her nap.

What I want is a mother's helper. They would need a driver's licence and a flexible schedule. This way, I could just call them "I'm about to put the baby down for a nap - are you available to come stay with them while they sleep?" Then I could run errands while the baby sleeps, and of course, if they woke up unexpectedly, the sitter could call me. Or, if I needed something specific, I could just have the sitter run by the store and bring it to me, so I didn't have to leave at all.

What do you think? Think there would be any home schooled highschoolers or some college students willing to take on a job like that? They could always say no, not this time if they were busy when I called... and of course, I would pay a premium for the spontaneity of the proceedings.

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Kristina said...

Yes. Now move in next door. It's for sell...