Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Car Show

See? It hasn't even been a whole entire month since my last post ;)
A couple weeks ago we went to the Mustang Car Show in Mustang, OK. It was pretty fun - I’m not a huge car person like Tony, but since we didn’t stay all day long it was cool. They had a parade (the only part we payed attention to was the flag presentation and the National Anthem), carnival rides (which I couldn’t ride because I’m pregnant, and Tony won’t ride because he pukes – roller coaster are fine, swings, etc., all those are great, but the whirly twirly ones not so much). It also looked like they had craft fair style booths and concession stands, but we were there (apparently) for the cars.

I took all of about three pictures before my battery announced it was exhausted and my camera shut off. I felt very prepared (not). Then, when we were almost finished looking around, we found a car that is pretty much exactly like one of Dad’s cars he’s wanting to restore. We managed to coax the camera back to life long enough to get a few pictures.

The car below is exactly like Dad's, except his hasn't been restored yet, and I don't think he'll be painting his red. I don't remember what color he said though.

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Misti C said...

Yeah for updating... :) Looks like the guys had fun, anyway. :)