Monday, October 27, 2008

Smelly Incidences

The last week has not been kind to the noses in our household. On Wednesday, I got home from the grocery store to find the milk jug had leaked all over the truck. In spite of my best efforts to scrub it clean and let it air out, it smells, you guessed it, like rotten milk. Tony won’t even get in it – I would like to not get in it, but I have to drive to work. Any suggestions?

Today, I walked into the nursery/Tony’s closet room, and there, on the floor, was a roach. I hate roaches. Without looking any closer, I rushed to the bathroom and got the ant and roach spray. I then proceeded to drench the poor bug. I was trying not to look to close, but I noticed the stupid thing wasn’t dying, so I looked – and low and behold, it wasn’t a roach at all, but some poor lame cricket who was missing a couple legs. I hope it dies anyways. Now of course, the whole house smells like roach killer, so I get to open all the windows and turn on the fans before I leave for work. Oh well, at least the house will get aired out.

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