Monday, October 20, 2008

Josh's Wedding

Josh and Desiree got married September 27th. They had the wedding at Mommy's house, and it was very pretty. The weather was just right for standing around outside all day. I thought I would post some pictures for all the out-of-town relatives.

Mommy and Josh got the yard and flowerbeds looking really great for the ceremony - and the dog decided she really didn't want to be left out. She killed... something... and planted it right in the middle of the flower beds Saturday morning.

Little Josh is so cute, and getting so big. He's hyper like the rest of us, and likes to run all over the place. Here is he is still in his PJ's.

Here is Alex in all his wedding finery (with his hair combed even!)

Josh and Little Josh right before the ceremony.

Desiree watching Josh and L. Josh get their picture taken.

The aisle runner provided hours of entertainment after the ceremony. Alex and Echo stretched it from the tree to the fence and played all sorts of games with it. They used it as an obstacle course (jump over, bend under it, then crawl up it into the tree) and when they were tired, it became a hammock. All in all, it was a fun, beautiful day.

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