Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Ornery Daughter

We’ve come to the conclusion that our daughter is a teenager. She kicks and squirms and wiggles all the time – until Tony puts his hand on my stomach. Then she goes completely still. She won’t even twitch. Tony is beginning to believe she doesn’t like him already. You should see his interpretation of what she’s doing in there. He crosses his arms, pokes out his lower lip, and pouts about “Daddy, you’re embarrassing me.” “Daddy, quit touching me.” And last night, Godwill added one – “Daddy, get out of my womb (pronounced with a lisp so it almost sounds like room).” I keep telling him one of these days he’ll get to feel her moving around, and maybe even watch her kick and squirm, but he acts truly despondent. He does understand, and he’s very patient, but this little girl better watch it, or she’s going to be in trouble before she ever comes out!

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Teresa said...

I'm so dissappointed that you haven't put John's portrait up here yet.....